Dr. Shamsher Prakash
  • Donated Rs. 2.09 crores (20.9 Million INR) for
    1. Shamsher Prakesh Chair Professor, and
    2. Shamsher Prakesh technology Award in the field of Soil Dynamics at IITR.
  • US based IITR Alumnus – B.E. Civil Engineering, 1954. Distinguished Member ASCE, Founder of SP foundation, Conduct Yoga classes worldwide.
  • URL :

Dr. Ajit Singhvi
  • Donated Rs. 1.50 crores (15 Million INR) to establish “Dr. Ajit Singhvi Chair Professor” at IIT Roorkee.
  • UK based Indian Philanthropist, Management Thinker, Alumnus of Harward Business School.
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Arya Family
  • Pledged Rs. 1.50 crores (Donated Rs 75.73 Lac) to establish “A.S. Arya Institute Chair Professorship” at IIT Roorkee.
  • Ms. Anjali Agarwal, US based IITR alumnus (1983 - B.E. - Electronics & Communication Engineering), Representative of Arya Family.

Dr. Purnima M Parida and Prof. M. Parida

Dr. Maheshwar P. Varshney
  • Donated Rs. 1.11 crores (11.1 Million INR) to be utilized for
  • 1. Dr. Maheshwar P. Varshney Smart Grid Lab,
    2. Dr. Maheshwar P. Varshney Fellowship for Ph.D. students.
    3. Dr. Maheshwar P. Varshney Honorific Lecture.
  • IITR Alumnus – B.E Electrical Engg., 1949 (First Batch).
  • Ex-Professor, IIT Kharagpur; MNIT Allahabad & permanent United Nations Pensioner.

Mr. Mohinder L. Nayyar
  • Donated Rs. 1.01 crores (10.1 Million INR) for the following Awards:
    1. “Nayyar Award for Excellence in Communication”
    2. “Suri Travel Grant” to students for presenting technical papers in International Conferences.
    3. “Prabha Nayyar Award for Excellence in Time Management”
  • US based IITR Alumnus – B.E. Mechanical Engineering, 1966; Registered professional engineer, Virginia.
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Dr Sushil Sharma
  • Donated Rs. 71.49 Lakhs (7.1 Million INR) to be utilized for
  • 1. "Fellowship for New Faculty (for 10 years)" for 2 new faculty positions.
    2. "Excellence in Doctoral Research Award (10 years)".
  • US based IITR Alumnus – B.E Mechanical Engineering, 1969.
  • Senior Advisor to Director of the Accelerator Systems Division of NSLS-II facility at Brookhaven National Laboratory (New York).

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1994 - Batch Donation
Alumni of 1994 batch donated Rs. 1.57 Crore (15.74 Million INR) during their Silver Jubilee Reunion held in November 2019 for the following purposes:
  • Ten Merit Cum Means Scholarships to support 10 students @ Rs. 10,000 per year perpetually.
  • Two Research Fellowship for mid-career Faculty for six years.
  • Centre of Excellence for Drone Research (CEDR) to evolve as a unique facility at national level where state of the art and frontier research would be conducted on several aspects of Drone technology and its applications.

1989- Batch (Rs. 1.14 Crore)
Established a corpus, Eighty Nine Class of Roorkee Endowment (Encore) of Rs. 1.14 Crore (11.42 Million INR) by alumni of 1989- Batch to Support the following schemes:
  • Two or more ENCORE All-Round Excellence Awards of Rs 60,000 (or more) each for 4th year students with a minimum of one award for girl students.
  • Six or more ENCORE Merit-cum-Means Awards of Rs 30,000 (or more) each for 3rd year students with a minimum of two awards for girl students.
  • Six or more ENCORE Merit-cum-Means Awards of Rs 30,000 (or more) each for 2nd year students with a minimum of two awards for girl students.
  • ENCORE IITR Lecture Series - To fund the travel and any other expenses of well recognized experts to the Institute for giving a talk and interacting with the faculty and students - Rs. 4.10 Lac (which covers expenses for 10 years).
  • ENCORE Technical Projects Award - To fund interesting and big team projects on the campus, like building a racing car, robot, autonomous vehicle etc. which can compete at national/international competitions – Rs 16.25 Lac (which covers expenses for 10 years)

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