Schemes for Promoting Excellence

Individual donors, or a group of donors, can choose from the schemes listed below:
Donations to IIT Roorkee are 100% deductible from Total Taxable Income u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Donation required to sponsor
S. No. Activity/Scheme and Purpose For 10 Years Perpetual
1. Naming Opportunity
Naming of buildings and various facilities, e.g., laboratories, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums etc.
Case to case basis
2. Chair Professorship for Faculty
Institute Chair Professorships for faculty who are well recognized on the national/international stage for their contributions.
Rs. 48.80 Lac Rs. 1.5 Crore*
3. Research Fellowship for mid-career Faculty
Fellowships to recognize mid-career faculty members who are doing outstanding research in IITR.
Rs. 32.50 Lac Rs. 1 Crore
4. Fellowship for New Faculty
Fellowship to encourage bright, young academics to join IITR as faculty.
Rs. 32.50 Lac Rs. 1 Crore
5. James Thomason Scholarship
Students having up to 300 All India Rank in JEE (Advanced) are eligible for James Thomason Scholarship. All such students admitted to IIT Roorkee will get Rs 25000/- per month for the entire duration of their program. They will be expected to obtain a CGPA of 8.0, or above, at the end of every academic year.
Rs. 20.35 Lac Rs. 62.5 Lac
6. Support for Students’ Technical Projects
To fund interesting and big team projects on the campus, like building a racing car, robot, autonomous vehicle etc. which can compete at national/international competitions.
Rs. 16.25 Lac Rs. 50 Lac
7. Travel Support to Students to present papers in Conferences
To fund their travel to prestigious international conferences for presenting research papers based on work done at IIT Roorkee.
Rs. 12.20 Lac Rs. 37.5 Lac
8. Travel Support to Students for International Research Internships
To support them to seek research internships in internationally acclaimed academic institutes/research laboratories and work with leading experts.
Rs. 8.12 Lac Rs. 25 Lac
9. Departmental Endowed Lecture Series
To fund the travel of well recognized experts to the department for giving a talk and interacting with the faculty and students of the department.
Rs. 4.10 Lac Rs. 12.5 Lac
10. Financial Aid for Students
To help one or more needy students who are facing financial hardships because of their personal circumstances.
Rs. 4.10 Lac Rs. 12.5 Lac
11. Excellence in Doctoral Research Award Rs. 4.10 Lac Rs. 12.5 Lac
12. Gold Medal to Departmental Topper (UG/PG) Rs. 3.3 Lac Rs. 10.0 Lac
13. Best B.Tech. Project of the Department Award Rs. 2.5 Lac Rs. 7.5 Lac
14. Merit-Cum-Means (MCM) Scholarship N.A. Rs. 2.5 Lac
15. Anushruti Academy for the Deaf (A Social Initiative of IIT Roorkee)
The school delivers quality education to differently able children with speech and hearing impairments in and around Roorkee, Uttarakhand.
Any amount can be gifted. It will also be 100% deductible from taxable income u/s 80G.
16. Gift
Smaller, general purpose, donations are equally welcome. They can be given annually, or whenever convenient.
Any amount can be gifted. It will also be 100% deductible from taxable income u/s 80G.
*Donation above Rs. 10 Lacs can be paid in installments

1. Donations to IIT Roorkee are 100% deductible from Total Taxable Income u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.
2. Donor(s) can name the scheme as per his/her/their wish. For example, donor(s) can name a Chair Professorship as “XYZ Chair Professor” in his/her/their or any other name.
3. The above listed schemes are existing. Any other scheme can also be initiated, in consultation with the institute.
4. Every year, a financial statement showing the opening amount, interest earned, expenditure, and balance amount shall be emailed to the donor.
5. Every year, the institute will email the list of beneficiaries to the donor
6. For making an online donation, please click here.

For more information and queries, please write to: Prof. Partha Roy, Dean of Resources & Alumni Affairs (Email:,