Distinguished Alumnus Awards

Last date of nomination is over
1. The Distinguished Alumnus Awards (DAA) are given to alumni of University of Roorkee (UOR) or IIT Roorkee (IITR) to recognize their outstanding contributions in any of the six categories listed below. The contributions should be self-evident to the peers in the category.
  • Academic or Research Excellence
  • Excellence in Engineering or Technology Innovation
  • Excellence in Leadership in the Government or Public Sector
  • Excellence in Leadership in the Private Sector
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence
  • Excellence in Service to the Society
At most two awards in each category i.e. a maximum of 12 awards can be given each year.

2. Nominations for DAA are invited from all over the world and anyone can submit nominations online.

3. The nominations received during the last two years but not selected for the award would also be eligible for consideration, along with the fresh nominations.

4. Last date of receiving nomination is 30th May, 2021.

5. The selection committee consists of the following five members:
  • Director IITR - Chairperson
  • Two persons of eminence (to be nominated by the BOG)
  • One Institute Chair Professor (nominated by Director IITR).
6. The recommendations of the committee would be sent to the Chairman BOG for approval.

7. The Distinguished Alumnus Awards would be given on the Foundation Day - 25th November every year.

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