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Current Awards and Scholarship of IITR - 2019-2020

Non-Convocation Awardees - IITR - 2019

“Warmest congratulations on your achievement.” 2019 Non-Convocation Awardees List  Click me!


Maximum five awards can be given in a year. These awards will be in two categories: (a) Fundamental Research, (b) Applied Research


(1) Students can apply for this awards through a link below. Student can only apply after getting all the reports of thesis examiners. The last date of application will be the last date of conducting viva-voice examination before annual convocation, as decided by the Academic Office.

(2) Screening of applications: Three different committees will be consitituted to scrren the applications. Screening will be done on the basis of quality and number of papers published in top ranking journals,patents filed / granted,research grant received in the candidate's group on the basis of his/her doctoral research, international travel support received for attending conference outside India etc. The three committees will be for the following group of departments / centres:

(a) All engineering departments, AHEC, CoEDMM, CTRANS
(b) All Science departments, IIC, Centre for Nano Technology
(c) DoMS, HSS, A & P

(3) Interview: Shortlisted students will be required to make a presentation to a common committee will be formed from the three committees made for screening of applications. The committee will also assess the overall suitability of the student for the award on the basis of novelty of the work, contribution of the student, potential of industry application of the work, scope of entrepreneurship etc. Shortlisted candidates who will not be available in the campus can make their presentation using video conferencing.

(4) Approval: Recommendations of interview committee will be presented in the Senate for final approval.

(5) Award: The Award will carry a citation and cash prize of Rs50,000.


Students getting Ph.D. degree in the annual convocation 2019 will be eligible to apply for this award


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Scholarships -IITR - 2019-2020


Students having up to 275 All India Rank in JEE (Advanced) are eligible for James Thomason Scholarship. All such students admitted to IIT Roorkee will get Rs 25000/- per month for the entire duration of their program. They will be expected to obtain a CGPA of 8.0, or above, at the end of every academic year.


2018-19 James Thomason Scholarship Recipient List  Click me!

FEE WAIVER IITR - 2019-2020


Fee Waiver for UG Students (B.Tech, B.Arch., Int.M.Tech, Int.M.Sc, M.Sc) ,For First year students.

Last date for application is 23rd August, 2019.

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MCM IITR - 2019-2020


The Institute offers merit-cum-means scholarship to 25% of the class strength of undergraduate students. Students admitted to the 2-year M.Sc. degree are also awarded merit-cum-means scholarships.


Last date for application is 30th August, 2019.

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EIL Scholarship - 2019


Award of Engineers India Limited (EIL) Scholarship to SC & ST students pursuing full time Under graduate Engineering course (Batch 2019).

EIL Scholarship Details For SC/ST Students -2019  Click me!