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DORA Office IIT Roorkee

Proforma to establish active association with the Alma Mater

(This form is to be submitted to obtain the green card)

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This information will help us to connect you with regional chapters of IIT Roorkee Alumni Association (IITRAA) present in most of the Tier-1 cities

More Information
Benefits of being a member of IITRAA:
1. IITRAA is an association of alumni of IIT Roorkee. Being a member of IITRAA gives you instant entry to the worldwide network of thousands of well-placed IITR alumni.
2. A member can contest for becoming an office bearer of IITRAA.
3. It provides a platform to get associated with local chapters of IITRAA globally.
4. It is a vehicle for networking with IITR alumni for the benefit of alumni and the institute.
5. IITR recommends you to become a member of IITRAA.
(Your library security deposit of Rs. 2000/- will be used for your life membership of IITRAA.)
To receive your caution money, please provide your bank account details:
(Submit this form online and inform the acknowledgement receipt no. to Accounts Section. Please do not forget to logout from this page.)