Last date of receiving applications / nominations: 30th June, 2020
The Outstanding Service Awards (OSA) would be conferred annually in the following three categories with a maximum of two awards in each category:

  1. Augmenting Resources for IITR by way of
  2. Direct monetary contribution or by raising funds for the Institute for targeted infrastructure projects.

  3. Promoting Excellence in Academics and Research by way of
  4. (i) Strengthening academic, research and development efforts of IITR community.
    (ii) Enabling faculty and students for showcasing and promoting their work at the national and international level.
    (iii) Promoting Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy from State or Central Government or private industry.

  5. Inculcating Entrepreneurial Spirit by way of
  6. (i) Supporting incubation activities in the Institute.
    (ii) Supporting innovative business plans of students and faculty.

Eligibility Criteria & Selection Process

  1. Nominations for OSA would be invited from all over the world but only an alumnus or a current or past employee of IIT Roorkee can nominate.
  2. Nominee can be anyone except a serving employee or student of IIT Roorkee. However, self-nominations will not be accepted.
  3. The nominations received during the last two years but not selected for the award would also be eligible for consideration, along with the fresh nominations received.
  4. The selection committee would consist of the following five members:
  5. (i) Director - Chair
    (ii) Two persons of eminence (from the panel approved by the BoG for DAA).
    (iii) DoRA
    (iv) One Institute Chair Professor (nominated by the Director for two years).
  6. In case the selection committee does not find any nominee suitable for the award, in a particular year, the Outstanding Service Award will not be given in that year.
  7. The recommendations of the committee would be sent to the BoG for approval.
  8. OSA will be conferred during any public event in the campus.