(A) Two “Khosla National Awards of IIT Roorkee” be given every year, one in the Engineering category and the other in Science/HSS/Management category.
(B) The nominations can be made by S.S. Bhatnagar awardees, Fellows of the National Academies or Heads of Institutions. Self nominations will also be considered.
(C) Each “Khosla National Awards of IIT Roorkee” will carry a citation and a cash prize of Rs. Five lakhs.


1. The awardees should have made outstanding contributions in their chosen field and should not be more than 45 years of age on the last date of receiving nominations.
2. Only the contributions based on work carried out in India will be considered for the awards.


1. Director, IIT Roorkee, Chair
2. Six members appointed by Chairperson, BOG, IIT Roorkee:
i) Three distinguished academics from Engineering
ii) Two distinguished academics from Sciences
iii) One distinguished academic from HSS/Management
Note: Every effort will be made to have some members who are S.S. Bhatnagar prize winners. If any, there will not be more than one committee member from IIT Roorkee or its alumni. The award committee will meet, at least, twice every year to recommend the names of two awardees to the BoG.


(A) Nominations for `Khosla National Awards of IIT Roorkee` will be invited each year during the first week of August. The valid nominations will be evaluated by an `Award committee.
(B) In case of similar level of achievements, female, or else the younger candidate will be preferred. There will not be any splitting of the award between two or more awardees in either category.
(C) In case no outstanding candidate is available in a category, the committee can recommend that no award be given in that year, in that category.
(D) The award committee will meet, at least, twice every year. In the first meeting, the committee will shortlist 5 to 6 potential awardees from the pool of valid nominations and decide a panel of at least 5 referees for each shortlisted nomination. In the second meeting, the candidature of the shortlisted nominees will be discussed in consideration with the referees` report and the names of two awardees will be recommended to the BoG.


The awardees will be expected to visit the campus for receiving their award and also deliver a lecture during their visit. Depending on the convenience of an awardee, the award can be given during any public event in the campus such as a conference, Convocation, Science Day or 25th November.

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