Ms. Aarti Gill (2008 – B.Tech. – Electronics & Communication Engineering) is a Co-founder of OZiva. In 2014, she started her first venture FitCircle along with co-founder Mr. Mihir Gadani. It was an app-based service that provided exercise boot camps, nutrition suggestions, diet consultations, and experts answering questions about diet and fitness. Though this was not a success, she did not give up and after trying her hand at a few business models, finally launched OZiva in 2016. OZiva is India’s leading Clean, Plant based Nutrition brand which combines the advancements of Modern Food Nutrition and Ancient Ayurveda offering a complete range of nutrition products that are natural, plant-based, free from preservatives, stimulants and additives, for everyday fitness. The vision behind OZiva is to offer an innovative, customized and sustainable brand that can enable 100 million users to live healthier & better, effectively reducing global healthcare costs, thus enabling all of us to become a better version of ourselves. Today, OZiva is a Rs 100 crore + brand and is leading the Plant based Nutrition category in India. Recently, Aarti was also recognized as the Rising Star, Business Today’s Most Powerful Women 2020. For more information, please click here.

Mr. Rahul Sharma (2012 – B.Tech. – Electrical Engineering) is the co-founder of Zetwerk - a B2B company in the custom manufacturing space. Rahul leads the technology and product vertical for Zetwerk which acts as the backbone for the company and is also creating an ecosystem of services for suppliers to drive efficiency across the supply chain. Rahul has helped Zetwerk scale to 100+ customers and 500+ suppliers, located in India, the USA, Australia, and Europe in two years since 2018 when Zetwerk was founded. It is currently valued at more than 100 million dollars and has raised 60+ Million dollars in Venture Capital from marquee investors. Zetwerk helps connect the suppliers to buyers who want goods to be manufactured. Zetwerk has a pan India network of suppliers and has till date supplied more than one million unique parts. Zetwerk has worked across different industries ranging from heavy industries like Power Capital Goods to high precision industries like Aviation Aerospace. Zetwerk has developed capabilities ranging from fabrication, machining, forging, die casting to injection molding. While working at Zetwerk, Rahul has been trying to solve the problems of the discovery of new vendors project management for customers and marketing capital management for suppliers. Zetwerk is present in more than 40 industrial clusters spread across the country and is one of the fastest-growing startups in the country. Before Zetwerk, Rahul worked in Blackbuck - one of India's largest logistics startup; and helped create a supplier ecosystem of truckers across the country. Rahul’s tryst with entrepreneurship started as a student, when he co-founded Prepnut. He went on to work for Schlumberger that gave him invaluable experience in creating systems and processes. His passion to bring together people, processes, and products to create scalable solutions has helped create successful businesses from scratch. For more information, please click here.

Mr. Sachin Gupta (2012 – B.Tech. – Computer Science Engineering) is the CEO and co-founder of HackerEarth. HackerEarth is one of the world's largest developer communities with over 5M developers and helps 1000s of enterprises globally to make their recruiting process more efficient. HackerEarth's skill assessment software democratizes access to tech opportunities by helping companies drive a skill-based hiring process and has assessed millions of developers globally. HackerEarth is also a leading authority in hackathons and has conducted more than 10,000 hackathons till date. HackerEarth has offices across the US and India and has seen rapid user and business growth over the past few years. HackerEarth today has a valuation of over INR 310 Crores and has raised 3 rounds of funding. It was also recognized as the top startups in 2017 by NASSCOM. Sachin is a distinguished member of the Indian and Bay Area startup community and has been recognized in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia. For more information, please click here.

The Selection Committee for DAA – 2020 and DYAA - 2020 was comprised of the following:

1. Prof. Ajit K. Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee (Chairperson)
2. Prof. Surendra Prasad, former Director of IIT Delhi and DAA of IIT Kharagpur (BOG Nominee)
3. Prof. Devang Khakhar, former Director of IIT Bombay and DAA of IIT Delhi (BOG Nominee)
4. Prof. N.P. Padhy, 1992 Batch Institute Chair Professor (Director's Nominee)
5. Prof. Bhola R. Gurjar, Dean Of Resources & Alumni Affairs, IIT Roorkee